Youth Expedition Project Leaders Training Course

(A Service-Learning Programme by Youth Corps Singapore)

This YEP-LTC is brought to you by Service-Learning practitioners from Etch Empathy.


Our lead trainers have been involved in youth and community development since 2000 and are currently in leadership position both professionally and as well as volunteering, involving in either community development, advocacy or youth development work.


​Hence, we are not like any other trainers but we are Service-Learning practitioners, ready to share our years of knowledge with you.



One of Etch Empathy’s YEP trip to a Blind School in Laos, Vientiane
















The YCS-YEP Leaders Training Course (LTC) is a 4-day specialised course designed to prepare and equip YEP Leaders with the necessary skills and knowledge to design, lead and implement Youth Expedition Projects.

Our YEP LTC is unique for three specific reason, first Etch Empathy uses social experience to bring across principles of service-learning.

Second, your 2 days 1 night residential stay will be at one of the last kampung in Singapore, where you get to interact with real communities and practice your social inquiry and community engagement skills.


Lastly, as part part of your peer leadership development, we will be providing you with a full DISC profiling report.


Our Lead Trainers


Aaron Yeoh


Aaron is a strong believer in building an inclusive society where vulnerable communities, especially people with disability and seniors are able to be included in every aspect of the economic. He first started community and youth development work in 2009 with Love Cambodia (NGO) in Prey Veng, Cambodia. After multiple trips to Cambodia, Laos and community development work in Singapore, it led he to setup a  social enterprise (Fortitude Culina) and a charity (Cycling Without Age Singapore) in 2017, serving the needs of the visually impaired and seniors.











Russ Neu

Russ has been involved in youth development during his stint as a MOE teacher and was in charge of Values-In-Action program for his students. During his postgrad studies at NIE and lecturing at Tsinghua university, he initiated service-learning projects for his peers and students. At corporate level, he was in charge of the company's CSR policies and programs. He developed programs to nurture human capital, character, citizenship and leadership for employees using the service-learning methodology. 


With his vast experience in developing youths, nurturing working adults and being both in the civil service, corporate world and now social sector, he is definitely a valuable trainer to transfer knowledge and train YEP leaders to be an empathetic community leader, team player and Asia ready.


Grace Koh

Grace have vast experience in community and youth development. She first started YEP and service-learning in 2005 when she was a student at NUS. At TJC, she initiated OCIP and applied service-learning methodology. Since then the programme has become a regular youth and community development programme for the college. Currently, despite her career commitment, she continue to pursue her passion for YEP and service-learning by being a guest trainer at NUS Eusoff Hall.


Maslina have keen interest and experience in both community and youth development. She first started YEP and service-learning in 2005 when she was at NIE. Currently now a teacher, she continue to pursue her passion for community development by volunteering for environmental conservation and distributing meals for needy.

She also have a passion for adventure and had co-organised adventures to climb Mount Ophir, Mount Kinabalu, Poon Hill and Annapurna Base Camp.