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What's Blind Cafe?

Think of Singapore skyline and images of Marina Bay Sands and Gardens By The Bay come to mind. Every facet of daily life depends on sight. How would your other senses react to being in complete darkness? At Blind Cafe - A dine in the dark experience, you will embark on a sensory journey into a different world and savour exquisite tastes and textures in complete darkness. This multi-sensory dining experience will stimulate your senses and open your mind.


The experience begins in our darken dining room where you will be guided and served by visually impaired host who have been specially trained to assist and reassure sighted guests who are in complete darkness. Transfer your trust to these skilled hosts as they lead you to experience a new way of sensing the environment around you. After a few moments of adjustment, the darkness will kill off any shyness or fear and bring about an open-minded atmosphere.


Our unique menus are a symphony of flavours. And will stimulate your other senses as you are deprived of the dominating sense of sight. Textures and subtle flavours will come to the forefront as you dine your way through unique dishes that have not been described beforehand. You will discover the stunning truth that people tend to experience food with their eyes, rather than with their palates.


At Blind Cafe - Dine in the dark, it is more than just a meal. It is a sensory journey that will make you re-evaluate your perception of taste and smell. Be one of the first to try this one-of-a-kind dining experience for a unique date or group outing in Singapore.

How Blind Cafe Works?

Pre dining


Upon arrival at Blind Cafe - Dine in the dark, our staff will escort you to the waiting area. Here, the concept and the dining process will be described in detail by our staff. 


Before proceeding to the completely dark dining area, we will ask that you place all light emitting objects, such as mobile phones, watches, lighters, and cameras into a secure locker. This is to improve the dining experience for all of our guests. Lockers are provided free of charge and are monitored by camera at all times to ensure your security.


We also suggest that you visit the restroom before entering the dining area, as leaving the area mid-meal may dilute the overall experience for you.



Your guide will lead you into the dining area and to your seat and describe what is on your table. It will feel unusual and you may want to whisper at first. Your guide will start to serve our exquisite mystery menu at this time. While waiting for the main course, you enjoy a appetiser to begin this sensory experience.


If you need your guide at any time, please call them by their first name and they will attend to you promptly. If you need to use the toilet, or feel uncomfortable in the darkness, call your guide’s name and they will help escort you out of the dining area.


For the safety of our guides and other guests, please do not leave your seat in the dining area unless your guide is accompanying you.


Post dining


While you are having your dessert, your guide will perform a short live music performance, showcasing their talent. Thereafter we will slowly on the lights. It may take a few moments for your eyes to adjust to light, so you may want to look down or shield your eyes for a few moments. This is normal. Once the room is full lighted, it is time to say farewell and we surely hope that you had a one of a kind sensory experience at Blind Cafe - Dine in the dark.

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