Project Shine-A-Light

Project Shine-A-Light

Team Temiere – The latest team to travel to Laos for Project Shine-a-Light in June 2017

Sept 2015 - June 2017

Team Kampong Endeavo

The first project was implemented jointly with Team Kampong Endeavo from Youth Corps Singapore, National Youth Council. The project kick-started a blind futsal program for the visually impaired (VI) students at Home of Light (Vientiane, Laos). The project brought forward a healthier lifestyle for the VI students. For the first time they feel joy as they can learn and participate in a sports activity. The compound of the blind school was levelled in order for the playing of blind futsal.

Team Ballaos

The second project was implemented jointly with Team Ballaos from Youth Corps Singapore, National Youth Council. More futsal drills were introduced and the VI students were able to play better and scored more goals. A portable goalpost made from PVC pipes were also constructed for the school.

Team Temiere

The third project was implemented by Team Temiere in a Youth Expedition Project by the National Youth Council. The team focused on 4 different aspects that they felt would benefit the school. First, they taught the students in the school art and music as they felt these were skills that the students would enjoy learning about despite it not being easily accessible by the visually impaired. They also taught IT skills and donated a total of 7 laptops on which screenreader software was installed in order to make it more user-friendly for the visually impaired. This is particularly impactful due to the importance of IT in this digitally advanced age. In addition to this, they created a library with books that were translated into braille so that the students in the Home of Light school could experience the joy of reading despite their visual impairment. Finally, in order to increase the sustainability of the project, they created a wall mural (pictured above) that included information on materials (eg computers/musical instruments) that the students at the school were in need of, such that donors would be able to see them and be encouraged to donate to the school.


Part of the wall mural Team Temiere painted at the Home of Light School


The students enjoying an art lesson conducted by team members


The students at the Home of Light School learning how to use software that makes laptops more user friendly for the visually impaired


The team members decorating the school’s new library with tactile wall decorations for the students to feel


The students at the Home of Light School learning how to play the guitar and ukelele during a music lesson conducted by team members